Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crowd-Sourcing Christmas

Today Mike and I started Day One of our Christmas adventure. We are letting our friends, via social media, determine where we travel over Christmas this year. Our plan is to show up at the airport or train station ready to travel on December 26th (passports, carry on and credit card). So far on Facebook, we've had amazing suggestions ranging from an African Safari and the Greek Isles to Hawaii and Barcelona and beyond.

We plan to blog most days about the progress we are making in deciding where to go. Ideally, we are looking for more than ideas; as experienced Home Exchangers, we're looking for introductions and invitations! We'd like referrals to friends for house sits, couch surfs or spare room layovers. We have a lakefront cottage that might be an enticement for a summer getaway for an interested foreigner...

So, what do you think? Do you know someone, somewhere, who would love the company of two grateful Canadians just after Christmas? Decent conversation, some maple syrup and good wine guaranteed.

Now, any takers?

Kathy and Mike

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