Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crowdsourcing Christmas - Day Seven

The narrowing down begins! This is where the potential for marital discord can threaten the very possibility of the trip happening.
Not true. We're not fighting yet. Although I DO want Paris, and Mike's main argument against Paris is that there won't be any markets open. I doubt that's true. And Christmas in Paris would be a sight... (And just THINK of the shopping!)

It's now down to Hawaii (Maui for surfing, snorkeling + volcano biking), France (cuz it's France!), or Spain, with Spain being a possible blend between Barcelona (we know some guitar makers there) and the Canary Islands, where we have some lovely home-exchange friends.
There are some wonky flight options this time of year so now the fun logistical search begins. Neither of us is particularly detail-oriented, which is why I liked the original idea of just showing up at the airport. We were wisely advised not to chance it with hotels over Christmas.

And being the true patriot that I am, the idea of two weeks in Quebec, split between Montreal, Quebec City and Sauveur, still feels very lovely. And think of all the extra money we'd have for wine, fine food and shoes!
Will keep you all posted,