Monday, December 29, 2008


It amazes me how certain places reside deep inside you. I lived in Barrie for as long as I lived in Elliot Lake. Barrie was completely unremarkable to me and I remember very little. Elliot Lake, on the other hand, has a stronghold in my heart. I have a fondness for that little space on the earth, that cannot be explained rationally. Many would call it a dump. I call it heaven. "My year at Walden Pond".

Boxing Day Temptations...

Here's a little tip for all those people waiting in line for great deals on new electronics during the sale season. If, like me, you think one laptop is as good as the next, the decision on brand choice comes down to service. What happens when something goes wrong? Ask the salesperson that question and go so far as to ask for the 1-800 number used to obtain service. Then, before you lay down your credit card: CALL! How long are you on hold? How helpful is the person? How deep is the voicemail maze before you even speak to a human? I've tried it, and been amazed at the differences between companies.

And here's a hopeful note: major recession on the horizon? You'd never know it by the numbers of new TVs flying off the shelves. Does this say more about economic optimism or consumerism out of control? Your thoughts?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Spinning the Din...

Does everyone sit back with a sigh on Boxing Day?

With a long uncluttered day ahead, we both revel in our freedom and agonize over how to spend the precious free time. Catch up on overdue work? Clear away the festive mess? Lounge in bed with a newly gifted book, or a film on the MacBook? Make music? Return the dozen phone calls I've been too crazed to make?

I think I'll just consume all the sweets acquired over the last week and make an oath not to touch the stuff come January 1st.

Sometimes too much time is as challenging as too little.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Staying Sane in an Insane World...

I believe it was Paul Newman who replied when asked about the atypical success of his Hollywood marriage to Joanne Woodward, "Only one of us is crazy at any one time". (Or something to that effect.)

Yesterday was a crazy day. Both of us could easily have lost it. But Mike stayed sane.

Sometimes in a relationship, one of us has to make a conscious choice to keep it together for the sake of the other.

I think perhaps the key is to make sure you take turns.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make Music...Not War

Make Art...Not War

Launch of JoyousNoise

In class we have an exercise where students compose their personal motto. The only requirement is that it be as brief as possible, while still being personally meaningful.

Nike conveys an entire attitude with three small words: Just Do It.
I've upped the ante using only two: Live Joy.

What's yours?