Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who would you pay for??

We love live music. We especially love seeing enthusiastic musicians in really small venues, like the Grad Club here in Kingston. What I don't love, are large concert venues where you pay $85 a seat and need binoculars to see who's jumping up and down on stage. We have a new concert arena here in Kingston which has given rise to a new game Mike likes to play..."Who would you pay to see?". There are very few musicians I would pay 85 bucks to see. I'd rather listen at home with a glass of wine and the liner notes. But there are a few.... (I'd pay just about anything to see Hawksley up close and personal, and have done so on many occasions).

Last week, Mike mentioned wanting to take ALL our kids to a music festival in Belleville. Lovely sentiment, n'est pas? Keep in mind that ALL our kids means four kids = $300 for a lovely day of outdoor music. Naturally, the frugal half of our wedded bliss -that's me - balked at the suggestion.

Mike reminded me I had just paid over $100 to take our youngest and myself to see Jane Goodall. JANE GOODALL! We are talking about a woman who appeared in a MAC poster series alongside Gandhi, Einstein, John Lennon and Louis Armstrong (in other words, a living legend, and yes, the 10-year old has the posters on his bedroom wall).

Who wouldn't pay $100 to see her? To hear her? To SOB in her presence (that too was yours truly)? Who else straddles the eons between both my childhood and my son's? (other than Princess Leia, of course).

But it did raise an interesting debate. I didn't bat an eyelid paying to see her. Nor would I hesitate to pay to hear other equally inspiring people to speak.

Who would you pay a king's ransom to see perform?