Thursday, April 29, 2010

That time of year...(sigh)

Yes, it's nearly May. My favourite month in the garden, on my bike and outside with my kids. Saying goodbye to students makes me blue but thankfully, everything else going on this time of year lifts me up (inaugural Jane's Walk on Saturday woohoo!).

This is the time of year I also think about changes for next year's batch of students ("batch" - I like that reference - like a batch of cookies). Each year in class I move further and further away from delivering traditional content (which they can easily access online) and toward giving students new ways to engage with material, deepen their critical thinking and learn about themselves. Some courses are easier to do this with than others.

The biggest learning happens outside the classroom when students take on independent projects. I am looking for new ways to facilitate this. I am looking to my readers.

I am open to your ideas....