Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jian can do my chores any time!

Yesterday on CBC (Jian's Q) there were responses to a guest who had been speaking about the great gender divide and housework. After many years of frustrated hand-wringing, I think we (the hubby and I) have this one figured out. Many an evening, if you peer in the windows of the Patterson farmhouse, you will observe a husband contentedly reclining on the couch reading a business mag or Rolling Stone, or perched on a stool strumming his guitar. Sounds idyllic, non? Glimpse his lovely wife, rag in one hand, bottle of Windex in another, finding things to wipe.

Is the husband lazy? No. The husband is a genius. He knows how to spend his precious down-time doing things that make him happy. If he is asked, he will do any chore requested of him. He just doesn't look for them.

This is the difference. Women have higher expectations for a perfect house. Full stop. We are deranged. Either our own need to control the surroundings, or our desire to impress others, propels this compulsion. Maybe men are just better at realizing what matters.

My sister was recently stressed about her shedding dogs and busy daughter and messy house. I asked her, point blank, what will happen if you don't clean up. The answer: NOTHING!

And don't argue with me that a clean house matters. It doesn't. Dirt is my friend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"The Happiness Project"

How often do you hear something that moves you to tears? (Other than a Hallmark commercial, I mean). I listen to a lot of new music. I like to fancy myself a "discoverer" and use a few sources to find new stuff. (CFRC, Jian on CBC, ITunes freebies, etc.). Today I heard something that was so original, and so moving, that I felt compelled to share it.

Charles Spearin (of Broken Social Scene fame and other cool mash-ups) started a sound project where he interviewed his neighbours about the meaning of happiness. Now for the cool part, he invited his musician friends to find instruments that matched the tone of the individuals' voices and set their speaking to melody. It is incredible. If you check out his website, you will hear Mrs. Morris, and I've also included a link to the performance on YouTube. Another cool clip on CBC was a child repeating "Like um, um like" which they set to a very bluesy speakeasy-type poet beat.

I'll be buying this for sure. Check it out: